Wedding Pianist & Singer

Music during the wedding is a very important part of the ceremony!

Hire a wedding pianist, a singer or a piano vocalist with a portable piano for the ceremony or wedding dinner to create a memorable moment. It can be background music for a wedding reception, cocktails, rehearsal dinner or piano entertainment during the wedding dinner and party, couple's first dance, bridal march or walking down the aisle song. Live music will be an important part of the big day, creating many memorable moments and making it enjoyable for your guests regardless of their age and number.

As a pianist and singer I have participated in quite a few weddings, both during the ceremony in church and during the wedding dinner and party afterwards, as well as some rehearsal dinners.
I would love to help you with the music selection, arrangements and so on. It is possible to create your own song list, request specific songs or select music from my repertoar.
Some couples asked me to make a recording of the chosen piece for them as a ”walking in” song or even to compose a brand new song especially for their wedding. I enjoy being creative and fulfilling your musical wishes!

During the wedding reception I usually perform light background music. Most often, love ballads, jazz or classical music. It’s easy to create friendly atmosphere while your guests are enjoying their cocktails and chatting with each other.
During the wedding dinner and party I can perform music in a piano bar style, sing famous songs interacting with the guests, play today's hits as well as rock-n-roll and disco. I can also perform to backing tracks ( pre-recorded drums and bass), bring along another musician (guitarist) or why not a whole party band!

Wedding pianist song list example:

Bridal Chorus, Wagner (walking in)
Canon in D (Pachelbel)
A Thousand Years (Christina Perri)
The Book Of Love (Peter Gabriel)
Can not Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis Presley)
The Way You Look Tonight
Ballade Pour Adeline (Richard Claiderman)
Every Breath You Take (The Police)
Your Song (Elton John)
I will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)

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